Privacy Policy

Which data does Vhizo keep?
As the main privacy policy, Vhizo prevents the access of its data by users without permission. Vhizo keeps the necessary informations for its users to use the website services provided.

These informations are:
Name, Surname, Username, Password, Domain Name, E-mail, Receipt information, Date of membership, Other descriptive informations, Basic Analytics (Google Analytics and/or other analytic services), IP address information.

Which informations are not kept by Vhizo?

  • Credit Card Number
  • Credit Card Expiry Date
  • Credit Card Security Number
  • Descriptive informations of user in the payment systems

Sharing the data that is kept
Vhizo does not share data with the third parties, companies or institutions. However Vhizo may share data with government agencies due to these agencies’ demands.

Users are considered as binded with these policies when they start to use the website or accept any of the other agreements defined by Vhizo.