Terms of Service


  1. This contract was signed and executed by and between Vhizo Software Trade Ltd. Co. (referred to as Vhizo) and the User (each individual who visits or uses) on April 20, 2019 - 10:01 pm.

  2. The service relates to the web service that is provided by Vhizo and Vhizo undertakes to provide the properties that it has stipulated in its web page. The user declares, agrees and undertakes that he/she has read, understood and the properties of the package he/she purchased or used.

  3. The web page service is subject to an annual license fee. One year license fee is for 99 $. 18% VAT is included in all prices. The user is obliged to specify his/her invoice information in an accurate and full manner during the purchase. Vhizo shall issue the invoice in line with the credentials provided by the User.

  4. Vhizo may change, suspend or terminate the web page service, provided to the User without any reason. In this case, Vhizo has no obligation against you or any third party.

  5. The user shall not share or publish illegal content on the webpage (logo, image, document, text, music, video, depending on the content, copyright and so on). Otherwise, Vhizo shall have a right to suspend and terminate the website service without any warning. The User shall be responsible for any legal consequences arising from any data contained in the website content.

  6. Vhizo cannot be held liable for interruptions and losses arising from internet connection and other reasons (server failure, Earthquake, disaster and etc.).

  7. The user may use his/her right of withdrawal or request a refund within 14 days as of service beginning date.

  8. Vhizo addressed hereunder is the registered trademark of Vhizo Software Trade Ltd. Co. and Vhizo holds the copyright of every description pertaining to the software. It cannot be used for malicious purposes, copied or modified. The User shall carry out the relevant website updates with the administration panel. User shall not be provided with FTP access information.

  9. Vhizo declares and accepts that it shall not share the User's personal data, website information and documents with third parties.

  10. Vhizo shall reserve its right to change the terms and conditions hereunder any time and any way it wishes.

The User undertakes that he/she has read and accepted the terms herein.